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Series Of Difficulties

Beautiful wife, handsome income, constant work, beloved of the people-thus, there was no shortcoming in Tukaram'’ life. But amidst his busy life, never did he overlook remembering God.

Shortly there was a big storm in his life. The parents unexpectedly passed away. At the same time brother Shahaji became an ascetic and went on pilgrimage. After the sister-in-law died, Tukaram felt as if an ulcer in the body had been branded. The same year there was a terrible famine. On that account business and industrybecame dull. Earth became fallow. Cattle perished. There was calmour everywhere. In Tukaram’s life despair and deep sighs been to appear. The amounts due to him were not received. There was intense pressure to pay his debts. On account of this the few articles in the house were sold. At that time the first wife Rakhamayi and her child died for want of food.

Thus numerous difficulties and losses followed one another and fell on him. On account of this his mind became unbalanced. He lost interest in his family. He surrendered himself to his venerable God Vittala. In his of hearts, Vittala’s beauty and love flourished and spread their influence around.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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