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"His Property Will Be Returned To Him"

Following Dharmadhikari’s order, Tukaram bundled the palmleaf manuscripts of the songs composed by him and immersed it in the Indrayani river. He was in anguish. He could not attain peace of mind in spite of all his efforts. "Why did God make me serve him in this useless manner? Whatever he make me di, I have offered to him what was his. IN future, I have nothing to worry about,’ thought he and single-, mindedly meditating he sat on a rock on the bank of Indrayani river, like another rock place on it.

The devotees say that an extraordinary thing occurred at that time. When twelve days had passed thus, Lord Panduranga presented himself, appeared in a dream and said: "At dawn tomorrow the songs you have drowned in the Indrayani river will come floating. Don’t worry." They say that on the thirteenth day at sunrise, copies of the songs came floating one over the other.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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