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In Search Of The Husband

In spite of a vigorous search, Tukaram could not be traced. "It was wrong on my part to have behaved so harshly with my husband by talking sarcastically. I hurt his feelings," Jeejabai began to feel.

That day, remembering the husband, she cooked food. She served food to Kashi and Mahadeva. She made a food packet for her husband, filled the eater cast from Tatrani and went on her way to Bhandari hillock. Stones and thorns did not deter her.

While she was thinking of the way her future life would shape and walking along, a thorn broke in Jeejabai’s foot. The thorn stuck in the sole of the foot. O! she cried and collapsed on the ground. More than he pain caused by the thorn, the likely hunger of her husband distressed her. Somehow, limping and dragging her feet, she began to work. The pain increased. The sorrow doubled.

On the way an old man came from the opposite direction. Looking at the sad-faced and limping Jeejabai he said: "Madam, has a thorn entered your foot?" "Yes, sir, a thorn has stuck", said she. Instantly, like a person acquainted with her for a long time, the stranger put Jeejabai’s foot on his thigh saying "The thorn has struck deeply", held the thorn and pulled it out. Jeejabai did not mind blood flowing freely from the foot. She was eager to get along. "Sir, what is your name?" she asked. That old man said: "Vittoo". As soon as she heard the sound "Vittoo" Jeejabai became angry. Without waiting for a minute, not even looking at his face, she left the place. She went through a slope in the mountain from where the sound "Panduranga,Panduranga" was heard and there saw her husband. His face which was like a tender bud blossomed into a smile.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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