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Come To Watch The Field

That day saint Tukaram rose early in the morning, bathed and completed worship and singing in praise of God. He gave a gracious gift to Kashi and Mahadeva. "Today I will seek work somewhere," said he. Hearing such gracious words from her husband, Jeejabai was overjoyed.

While he was walking along the street, Salomala, a bard singing songs in Praise of God, saw him and said mockingly: "what Tukaji, you wrecked your family and became a person seeking alms. You made your wife and sons beggars. Now, putting on the garb of a saint, where are you going? On hearing this, without minding what was said, Tukaram replied, Nowhere in particular. I am seeking a job."

"You destroyed your happy family you did not take note of the misery of your children. You neglected Jeejabai who contracted debts neglected Jeejabai who contracted debts running your family. You know nothing of your own family, who can employ you? Go begging; beggary is the only suitable employment for you."

When he heard the word ‘beg’, Tukaram suddenly lost his temper. At once his eyes were filled with teats. "Panduranga, Panduranga," he said and closed his ears.

A man named Jnanoba, on hearing these words said: "Come, Tukaram. There is a great God who looks after everybody. Tomorrow I am proceeding to Alandi village. Look after my field till my return." He then showed him the field. Simultaneously he plucked a juicy sugarcane and said, "Give it to the children, return in the afternoon to guard the field,’ and sent him.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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