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"If You Make Up Your Mind …."

Even then, Tukaram was unperturbed and continued praying. Jeejabai went to him and spoke to him harshly: "Yesterday I got money with great difficulty and gave it to you. You wasted it all. IN future you cannot turn out any work. Let us go begging. You are already having a tamboora. I will clap in concert. Let Kashi and Mahadeva accompany us." Tukaram was never losing his patience under any circumstances. Even now, "what are you saying! What has happened to us to make us beg? Wait a little. God will set right everything", he said.

"It is the same god who is deceiving you. It is your Vittala who is setting fire to your business proficiency, cleverness and your wisdom capable of earning handsome money. How wrongly you are acting! Think it over once. The hunger of the children is unsatisfied. Stand firmly on earth and pray to God. If you work hard there will be no dearth of food, clothes, prayer, worship and service to the guests. If you wanted to be roaming about singing the raise of God, then why did you marry me?"

"When marrying I was not aware of this. If I was aware, I would not have married. Your father did not give you in marriage looking at me. He has considered my wealth and given. Now I have lost my wealth. You may go," said Tukaram.

"My father might have given me considering your wealth. I am not sorry for the loss of that wealth. You never keep this in your mind and, everything will be set right," said Jeejabai.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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