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Last Journey

Saint Tukaram through his life had to face numerous difficulties and losses, and many obstacles, without every dreaming of his personal happiness, and worked hard to the good of the people. By his immoral voice he sowed the seeds of devotion in the people’s heart, simplified the foundation of morality and conveyed it to the people. A number of people were moved by the pious songs composed by him and became his disciples. His songs were on the lips of the learned and the ordinary people. They became a valuable heritage of the disciples.

Tukaram wished to end his mortal activities. Sri Hari also granted his wish. One day Tukaram told his disciples: "My mortal activities have come to an end. I am leaving. Live happily. Serve others. Take care of innocent Jeejabai," and blessed them. He came home and asked Jeejabai: " I am on my way to heaven. I will take you. Will you come along?" She said: "How can I leave behind the children and family members and cattle can calves and come with you?’

Tukaram went into the Indrayani river as if he was about to take a bath and went forward. Once he entered the river he was not visible again. They say that within a few minutes his rug, the cymbals in his hand and the tamboora fell down. The citizens bowed in reverence saying that Tukaram bodily went to heaven.

Tukaram died in about 1650. He was then 42 years old.

The following is one of his pious songs:

Krishna is my mother, Krishna is my father, Krishna is my relation – so Sayeth Tuka.

The meaning of another song is:

"Today I saw the feet of Vittala. The fruit of enormous virtue. The saints protected me. This is a time of good fortune; a day of good fortune. So said Tuka."

Vanquishing all desires, the great man Tukaram set apart his life for Vittala, with an unblemished mind.

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