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Jeejabai’s Worry

Jeejabai again borrowed money from the lender. She purchased salt out of that money and sent her hunband in the company of efficient businessmen. In the company of businessmen Tukaram put he salt on an ox and went out to seek business. Business was brisk that day. A large amount of money was received. After concluding business in the market place he was on his way home. On the way he saw a poor Brahmin who, unable to repay his debts, had been arrested by the bailiff and was struggling. This struck Tukaram with intense pity. He paid off the amounts due to the bailiff, spoke words of comfort, pacified and sent the Brahmin home.

In the same road another Brahmin met Tukaram and humbly asked: "You venerable saint, my son’s "Upanayana’ (sacred thread-ceremony) is being celebrated at home. Please help me for this celebration." Instantly Tukaram gave the balance of amount available with him and said: "Celebrate your son’s thread- ceremony."

Jeejabai came to know of the occurrence. Furiously she was waiting for her husband’s return.

Tukaram, instead of returning home, sat on the Bhamanata hillock in contemplation of God.

Kanhoji heard of his brothers’ having given as gift to the Brahmin the money he earned and hiding in fear of the sister- in- law, and was greatly distressed. "Truly, my brother, the great man, was not born to run a family. He is a great man born to cleanse earthly life. We are unnecessarilyharassing him. If we continue to trouble him, if we continue to trouble him, it would amount to our troubling the righteousness of Bhagavatas." "Thinking thus, he went in search of his brother. He was overjoyed at finding his brother a little further on the Bhamanata hillock, sitting in contemplation of God.

"Dear brother, the righteousness of Bhagavata has to prosper by your service. You are born only for righteous work. In future, you must work for righteousness. I will look after the household work to the best of my ability. Give me my part of the accounts and records of the business. I will look after the disposition of the part of the money coming to your share." Thus he expressed his opinion.

The brother took his part of property. Tukaram tied well the documents relating to his property, threw them into the Indrayani river and went to the hillock Bhandari.

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