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Result Of Guarding The Field

That evening saint Tukaram came to guard the field of Jnanoba. He looked across the whole field once. Throughout the field the corns was rife and ready for harvesting. Whichever way he looked, in every direction the green was turning grey. The ear of corn had wrinkled and the corn was about to ripen. Looking at this Tukaram said: "All these are due to the price of Panduranga. Out of one seed, how much corn has growh! Everything is filled by Panduranga. Everything is his gracious gift." Saying so he became absorbed in meditation.

Salomalo saw saint Tukaram who was absorbed in meditation. Thinking that it was the proper time for putting him to trouble, he drove the stray cattle of the town to the field and bolted. Saint Tukaram did not regain consciousness. The field was wholly destroyed.

Jnanoba returned from the village. ON hearing that his field had been destroyed he became grief-stricken. He also became terribly angry with Tukaram. At that time Salomalo came and said: "What, Jnanoba, did you go to the field and have a look?" Jnanoba hung his head in grief and was silent. Again Salomalo said: " I told you in advance no to entrust guarding the field to such a careless fellow. Eat the fruit of your action. Not only that, I am not going to give up a single grain of corn you have to give me as my portion. From where are going to get it? Let us see" and thus nagged him.

Salomalo abused Tukaram and dragged him to the village headman to seek justice. For the offence of having spoiled Jnanoba’s field Tukaram was directed to make over his house to Jnanoba. Necessary documents were prepared for the purpose.

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