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Righteous Parents

Pune is a big city in Maharashtra. Dehu is a small village neat it. Walking further one finds the hillock of Bhandari. The river Indrayani floes by its side. The temple of Pandharinath is situated on its bank. Vishwambhara Buva and his wife Amoobai were in charge of worship at that temple. In their dynasty Balhoba and Kanakayi were an ideal couple. Kindness, pity and compassion found a home in their heart. The long-standing family business was going on briskly.

But this couple had no children. They were more worried about children.

At last the wish of the couple was fulfilled. A male child was born to them. His name was Shahaji. Thereafter in 1608 another son was born. They named him Tukaram. After that a girl and a boy Kanhoji were bor.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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