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Bracelet Received At The House

Jeejabai who had grown up in immense wealth and comfort became dismayed by this misfortune. However, she made up her mind and got the help and cop-operation of near relations. She inspired Tukaram, who was clever in business, to resume business.

Once Jeejabai herself bought some chillies, put them on an ox and sent Tukaram to the neighbouring village for selling it. Tukaram put down the consignment in the market, tied the ox to nearby three and became immersed in contemplation of Panduranga. Meanwhile, the customers appeared and sought the price of chillies. "You are sure to know the prevailing price in the town, take the chillies at that price." On knowing this opinion of the ascetic they fought with one another, everyone wishing to purchase it. They weighed as they pleased and began taking away the chillies. Of those who took the chillies, some paid for it, some failed to pay. On hearing this a few good people of the village came forward, recovered the amount and paid it I the ascetic businessman.

When he was returning from the market, on the way, a few unscrupulous persons, on coming to know that he had money, gave him a brass bracelet describing it as made of gold and plundered the available money.

Looking at the husband who brought home a brass bracelet, Jeejabai became sad. She began sobbing with grief. The debt remained unpaid. There was no money for the next day’s business. She began worrying. What next?

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