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Devotee-Clever In Business

Tukaram was a very sharp and shred boy. By his various activities he was keeping his parents happy and was hospitable to people visiting the house. Bringing guests and invitees and serving them made him eager and happy.

Tukaram’s radiant eyes, long nose, serene face and courteous talk attracted everybody. When prayers were sung in the house, boy Tukaram was joining the group of songsters. He had a good voice and sang melodiously. People used to be pleased with this.

Tukaram, who with his father was worshipping God, circumambulating and participating in group singing of prayer, also knew business methods well. Although engrossed in thoughts of God, he knew the ways of living. He had great respect for the parents. Balhoba, not willing to burden the earlier born Shahaji or the still young Kalhaji, thrust it on the clever Tukaram’s shoulder and became a care-free man.

Tukaram’s generosity, simplicity and other virtues were inherited from his parents. He was kind to the poor. Hardly has such a virtuous man come to manage the household affairs earlier.

Tukaram, by his efficiency and hard work, improved the business and came to be liked by the customers. From boyhood he secured a place in the ranks of the big businessmen.

When Tukaram was thirteen years old his marriage to a girl called Rakhamayi was celebrated with great pomp. As Rakhamayi was suffering from asthma, sometime later, a second marriage was performed with Jeejabai belonging to a rich family.

Tukaram had come to know of the conditions of people’s life. Looking at the hard life of the ordinary people, he was grieved. He was thinking of devoting his life for setting right the defects and drawbacks in the people’s life.

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Tukaram - A Great saint who lived only for his God Vittala..
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