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The Right Disciple

Ramadas sent word to Shivaji Maharaja as soon as he returned to Maharashtra.

Prostrating at the feet of Ramadas, Shivaji begged of him: "I seek your advice. Show me a path to salvation. You are my Guru. You alone must save me."

Ramadas felt immensely happy when he saw Shivaji. In him he saw the person who could fulfil the high ideals he had set forth.

"Shivaji is not an ordinary person. He has all the qualities of becoming the man of the age," Ramadas thought.

"Shivaba, I have heard you have taken an oath before Rohideswara to free the country from the foreign bondage. From my recent tour I have fully realised the danger the country is facing. The people should be freed and their glorious heritage should be restored. Then alone could this great land be smiling with plenty and happiness. Why think of God and other world now? You have to do much to free your people from the fear of foreigners. God is waiting to help such people. Do not forget the oath you took before Rohideswara. Service to your people is service to God."

Shivaji Maharaja heard his Guru with rapt attention and devotion.

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