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Changed Narayana

From that day onwards Narayana was a changed man. All these days he was talkative. He suddenly became mum. He appeared to be thinking over something always.

Brother Gangadhara got married. Father Sooryaji Pant died. Mother Ranoobai began worrying about the future of her son Narayana: "My son seems to have lost even his power of speech. He has become dumb. What should be done now?"

"All will be right, if you celebrate his marriage" - well wishes told her.

People had suggested such a remedy earlier when Narayana was very boisterous. Now he had become very sober and silent.

Now also people suggested the same remedy.

Ranoobai also agreed to this. But her son would kick a row if anybody raised the subject of his marriage.

One day, Ranoobai asked her son. "My son, will you heed my words or not?"

Narayana did not break his silence.

I am pleading, as your mother. Please fulfil my one request."

Narayana looked up as if to know what his mother had to say.

"You get married. Please fulfil at least this one wish of your mother," she appealed.

It was difficult for Narayana to say ‘no’ to his mother. Though his mind was saying ‘no’ his tongue refused to say so to his mother who was the very embodiment of love and affection.

"All right, mother," he said.

Ranoobai felt immensely happy, as if the very heaven was within her reach. She sent word to her elder brother Bhanaji, who resided in the neighboring village Asangaon.

'Will you marry your daughter to my son Narayana?" She asked him. Bhanaji was ready for the alliance. Preparations for the marriage began fast.

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