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'Sumuhurte Saavadhaana'

The muhurta (auspicious time fixed) was fast approaching. The bride and the bridegroom were standing face to face. Only a yellow cloth screen (Antahpata) was separating them. The priest was uttering the 'Mangalashtaka' in a loud pitch. Narayana became suddenly alert when he heard the last few words of 'Mangala shtaka': "Sumuhurte Saavadhaana."

The word 'Saavadhaana' made him doubly alert. "I must not be caught in the web of marriage. The very purpose of my life will be lost by it. I must run away before the
screen (Antahpata) is remove," he thought.

Priests were chanting 'Mangalashtaka' verses. People who had gathered in large numbers to bless the couple were getting ready to throw mangalakshata on their heads. In the meanwhile Narayana had disappeared from the scene.

The cry, 'Where has Narayana gone, where is he?" echoed in the marriage pandal.

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