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"Be a Strong Fort"

Shivaji Maharaja worshipped the feet of Ramadas. In return Ramadas gave to Shivaji a coconut, a fistful of mud and two fistfuls of sandstone.

The coconut signifies suspiciousness, according to Hindu belief. The mud symbolizes one's motherland. And the sandstone is the sign of strength of defense, an impenetrable fort. To be doubly ready to defend one's country and countrymen is what is meant. That was the message of Ramadas.

"Maharaj, be like a strong fort to your people. May you be successful in your endeavour to defend the country and drive away the enemies." With these words Ramadas blessed Shivaji Maharaja.

Ramadas discussed the ways and means of helping and co-operating with Shivaji Maharaja in his struggle to free the country. Ramadas gave a gist of the principles of his teachings to Shivaji when they parted. These words are included in the 'Dasabodha' which Ramadas wrote later.

Those words are:

"Put down mercilessly those who carry tales and also those who rebel against you.

Leave no work half-done. He is unfortunate who shows disregard for the task entrusted to him. What is the use of a coward? One who cannot face danger is not a soldier. Courage is the stepping- stone to success. Go ahead with your task in the name of God."

Shivaji Maharaja returned to his pi with these words of advice.

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