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The death of Afzal Khan was a decisive turning point in the life of Shivaji Maharaja. All these days his enemies had thought that Shivaji was a nuisance, a rebel and
guerrilla. With the strength of arms he built up, the area under his power began expanding.

In 1674 Shivaprabhu ascended the throne at Rajagadh. Samartha Ramadas was present on the occasion. Shivaji Maharaja got built a special room for Ramadas at

It stands there even to this day.

The coronation of Shivaji Maharaja was not an achievement of any one individual. It was a proud day for every Indian. There was no end to the joy and merry-making of
people that day. And there was no limit to the joy and happiness of Ramadas.

He named this kingdom of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja asAnanda-Vana-Bhuvana.

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