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"Am I your Narayana?"

Ramadas began to think of the next course of action. He decided to move to the banks of Krishna from Godavari. Adil Shah was the principal enemy of freedom that Shivaji was contemplating to restore. Therefore Ramadas thought that his stay on the banks of Krishna which was in the occupation of Adil Shah would be an ideal place to be of assistance to Shivaji. Before settling there, Ramadas wished to have the darshan of his mother at Jamb village.

Ramadas came to Jamb, stood in front of his house, and shouted, "Jaya Jaya Raghuveera Samarth!"

Brother Gangadhara's wife came out with alms (Bhiksha). She could not recognize Ramadas.

Laughing, Ramadas said, "Sister-in-law, I am not a beggar, I am your Narayana."

She lifted her head and saw Ramadas. She then recognized him. She ran into the house to convey the information to her mother-in-law. Ranoobai, mother of Ramadas, was overjoyed to hear that her son who had run away from the marriage pandal had returned.

Ramadas entered the house. He fell at the feet of his mother. She was taken aback to see her son in the saffron robe, long beard and long hair.

She could say nothing at first as she was dumb-founded. But then she uttered, Narayana, my Narayana!"

"Yes, ma, I am your Narayana."

"True, you are my Narayana. But what is this? Which devil has taken hold of you?" She asked.

Ramadas laughed heartily at his mother's remark. "Mother, it is true a devil has taken hold of me. But you do not know what sort of devil it is!"

"The divine force that is in Vaikunta descended to earth. Born to Kousalya, it finished Tataki "Ramadas went on singing in his melodious voice. "The force that has taken hold of me is Prabhu Sri Ramachandra," he said jocularly.

Tears of joy rolled down the eyes of his mother on hearing these words. Ramadas narrated his wanderings in detail.

Finally he said: 'I went round* the country and saw decadence of morality and virtue (Dharmaglani) in men."

"What? Have men abandoned Dharma?" she said aghast. "Oh, very bad; very very bad," she muttered.

"Good will come out of this evil, mother; good will certainly come out of it," Ramadas consoled his mother, speaking as if in a dream.

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