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The Writing of 'Dasabodha'

Shivaji requested Ramadas to settle at Sajjangadh instead of Chaphal. Sajjangadh is a beautiful place at the foot of the Sahyadri Mountains. "Gadh" means a fort on a hill.

"What am I to do at the fort Ramadas asked Shivaji.

"It is a place with beautiful natural surroundings. It is best suited for your meditation and penance. I will see that the temple at Chaphal is kept undisturbed. My humble prayer is that you settle at Sajjangadh," Shivaji said.

"Yes, as you please" Ramadas answered.

As desired by his disciple, Rama came and settles at Sajjangadh.

At Sajjangadh Ramadas finished book 'Dasabodha.'

In 'Dasabodha' Ramadas has recorded his reflections on worldly life and on spiritual life. He has shown the way to a peaceful life. He has classified his teachings in
fourheadings: (1) Harikatha, (2) Politics, (3) Eternal Vigilance, and (4) Intelligent Living.

"First a person should learn to lead a life of righteousness, discharge one's duties to one's self and to one's neighbors and then think of the other world, that is, the spiritual side of life. There is no place for a lazy man. One who strives to establish Dharma is alone a godly person." This Ramadas preached in 'Dasabodha'.

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