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Hanuman at Hanuman Ghat

As you know, the temple of Kashi Vishwanatha is built on the banks of the river Ganga. Steps are built to facilitate bathing. But nowhere was there to be seen a statue of Hanuman.

People requested Ramadas: "Maharaj, the statue of Maruti has to be installed at the Ghat if it is to be called really Hanuman Ghat."

Ramadas thought: "Yes, this place cannot be called Hanuman Ghat without Hanumanta." He succeeded in installing an idol of Anjaneya there.

Waves of thought rose in the mind of Ramadas. "What is this? Who am I? What should be the will of God that I should be brought here from such a far-off place and
ordered to build the temple? There must be some purpose. What can it be?" Ramadas began to ponder over it. Then the purpose of his life, the message of God, became clear to him like crystal.

"It is true that Bharatavarsha is greater than heaven. But that is of no use without freedom-like the Hanuman Ghat without Hanuman. Hanuman is well known for his
strength and valor, ‘Buddhimataam Varishthah'- the wisest among the wise.

"He was also a tower of strength. He possessed unsurpassed intellect. It was his effort, which enabled Ramachandra to get back his wife Seeta. To worship Hanumanta means worshipping strength and valor. This goal of freedom should have a firm foundation in the minds of the people of Bharata. Then alone could they have independence, the Seeta of freedom.

"It is true that Bharateeyas are as intelligent as Hanuman. If they can make up their mind, there could be none to equal them both in strength and intellect. They could cross the seas and Climb Mountains.

The idol of Hanuman must be installed in the minds of the people, like installing the statue of Hanuman in Hanuman Ghat."

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