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An Ideal

Narayana would get over his mischievous tendency when he is married, some said. In those days, it was customary to perform marriage of boys by the age of 8 or 10. Why not find a suitable bride forNarayana? - Thought his parents. But Narayana declared, "I shall not marry". Narayana would run away from the spot, whenever people raised the topic of his marriage and hide himself somewhere.

One day he was hiding in the temple of Lord Anianeya, outside the village. He did not know how long he was hiding. His thoughts were enveloped in LordAnjaneya. Life-long celibate Hanuman was the devout servant of Sri Rama.

Hanumanta - unsurpassed in intellect. Anjaneya, who had traced Seeta, wife of Sri Rama. Mighty Maruti! The very idol of Maruti inspired Narayana. "I must also lead a life of celibacy, life-long Brahmacharya. I must also become strong and sturdy, like Hanumanta," he thought. Born on Rama- navami, Narayana saw from his mind's eye the purpose of his life, by the darshah of Maruti.

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