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The Light That Went Out

In 1680 A.D. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja died. It was an irreparable and unbearable loss to Ramadas. The entire Sajjangadh was drowned in sorrow. Ramadas could not bear the loss of Shivaji and he was very much dejected.

That was not all. Many more unpleasant events were waiting for Ramadas.

Sambajiraje Bhonsle ascended the throne after Shivaji. Though bold and chivalrous like his father Shivaji, Sambaji was vain and stubborn. He was after pleasure and pomp. He did not trust his officers and treat them well. Often, for no fault of theirs they were severely punished.

Ramadas could not stand such ill treatment by Sambaji. He wrote a long letter to him advising him in the matter.

The gist of it is as follows:

"Material happiness should be looked upon as worthless. We should live in such a way as to be praised and remembered in this world and welcomed in the other. We
should be ever vigilant in our thoughts, words and deeds. We should never think low. One should sit alone and think deeply. One should be less severe and more liberal in judging others. One should take one's officers into confidence. Always think of Shivaji Maharaja and his great deeds. Think of his form, think of his valor. Think of his bravery, his tact, and his administrative capacity. How noble were his words, his conduct! What warmth of personality! He should be an inspiration in every walk of your life. It should be your constant endeavor to better him if possible in every respect. Then alone will you be worthy of praise. What else can I write?"

These words of advice of Ramadas opened the eyes of Sambaji. He tried his best and thenceforward did his utmost to mend his ways.

The health of Ramadas worsened day by day, as days passed by. His one desire had remained unfulfilled, namely the installation of the idol of Sri Rama at Sajjangadh. The beautiful image of Sri Ramachandra from Thanjavoor was brought and installed at Sajjangadh.

All his wishes were completed after this event. His mind remained concentrated always on Prabhu Sri Ramachandra.

"God ever dwells in the minds of his devotees, observing their thoughts, words and deeds. He blesses all with happiness, wealth and emancipation. Sri Rama will never let down his devotees."

With this song on his lips, Ramad breathed his last.

Ramadas died on the ninth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Magha in the year 1682 A.D. (1604 of Shalivahana Saka.) There is tombstone of Ramadas at
Sajjangadh built by Sambaji. His devotees observe the day of his death as "Dasanavami " even to this day.

The religious discourses and Keertans of Ramadas inspired and thrilled the people. Their life was purified in the sacred Ganga of the Lord's Name. Ramadas etched these words in their hearts

"Do not search for Moksha for getting your country. Lead a pure life. First you owe a duty to your family and to your motherland. Then alone should you turn your thoughts
towards Moksha or Salvation."

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