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Vow to Protect Motherland

Ramadas had a clearer picture of his life's mission at the holy Kashi.

Ramadas visited many places in North India. Then he turned his mind towards South. He went up to the holy Rameswara and then to Tirupati, and came to Pampakshetra on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. He had the darshan of Lord Virupaksha. Hardly a few decades had passed since the Vijayanagar Empire had been razed to the ground. In his restless efforts to climb the heights of spiritual glory, sage Vidyaranya had realized the importance of preserving Dharma. He had striven hard, day and night, for the establishment of the Vijayanagar Empire.

Likewise the pontiff of Sri Vyasaraya mutt provided necessary advice and guidance to Krishandevaraya of Vijayanagar in building the empire.

While the nation and the character of its people are in grave danger, spiritual aspirations and efforts at personal salvation by the heads of religious institutions and individuals should be kept aside for the time being. The first and foremost concern of all citizens should be to resolve the challenges confronting the nation.

Shivaji was at the time faced with similar situation.

When Vijayanagar was on the verge of an attack by enemies, spiritual activities alone could not be sufficient to defend the country. Strength of arms and ammunition and the determination to drive out the enemy were needed. Mere love of one's motherland is not enough, might of the muscles is necessary. It should be acquired by hard effort, and nurtured and developed. Irrespective of whether one is a family man or a monk or a soldier, every one should be prepared to die indefending the motherland. Ramadas saw this need.

Ramadas came to Pandharapur, the abode of Lord Vittala. When Pundalika, a great devotee of God Vittala, wasengaged in the nursing of his aged parents, God himself came to give darshan to his devotee and test him. But to Pundalika, the darshan of God Vittala was not of as much importance as his service to his parents.

"My first duty is to my parents. Without fulfilling it I have no time to welcome you," he told Vittala. "Till then please be waiting on the bricks," he added, throwing two bricks. This is the story of Vittala of the famous Pandharapura. One can see even to this day God Vittala standing on the two bricks with arms akimbo.

Ramadas derived a lesson even from this legend. It is the first and foremost duty of every person to attend to the needs of his parents and not to forget them with the
excuse that worship of God should come first.

One's motherland is one's true mother. Swadharma, duty, is one's father. It is not right to go to the Himalayas and perform penance in search of God forgetting one's duty to one's mother and motherland. One should first discharge one's duty to the land of one's birth; then one could turn his thoughts towards otherworldly things or heaven.

These were the thoughts that coursed through the mind of Ramadas. From his pilgrimage all over the country Ramadas realised that the nation was in grave danger.

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