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Where is Narayana?What happened to him?

Panchavati is a sacred place. In the Tretayuga, Prabhu Sri Ramachandra and Seetadevi had spent their days in these parts and sanctified them.

From the marriage pandal, Narayana went straight to Panchavati on the bank of the river, Godavari. The purpose of his life and the path to attain it became clear to him in
this sacred place, Nasik.

He spent twelve years of his life at auspicious Panchavati in meditation and penance. Here, he would leave his bed two hours before dawn, have a dip in the Sangama and perform Sand- ayavandana, Meditation and Japa.

Standing in knee-deep water for five to six hours a day from the minute of sunrise till midnoon, he would deeply engage his mind over God. Fish would sometimes bite his legs, he would not mind them. After meditation he would visit some houses and beg for food. He would divide the day's collection into three parts. He would set apart one portion to the cows, another to the fish and third for himself. The rest of the day he would spend in reading religious books, and in 'hearing religious discourses and devotional songs.

The rigorous routine of austerity of this thirteen-year-old boy would surprise everyone. These intense Tapas made his body shine like gold and his mind became

Has not his personal God, Prabhu Sri Ramachandra said that one's mother and one's country were superior even to heaven? "Janani Janma-bhoomischa swargadapi gareeyasi." His love for his mother and motherland Bharata-varsha overflowed his mind. Narayana felt: I am Ramadasa, servant of Rama. I shall obey every word of Sri Rama and follow his footprints." Thus Narayana became Ramadasa.

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