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The Temple of Sri Rama

After spending a few days with his mother, Ramadas went down South to select his field of activities. On the way he installed idols of Anjaneya at Taakali, Maahulli,
Mahableswar, Vai, Karad and many other places.

He had gymnasiums (Vyayamashalas) built in front of those temples. It was to present the ideal qualities of courage and character before the people. He composed inspiring stotras in simple Marathi for their daily chanting.

Bheemaroopee Mahaarudraa Vajra
Hanuman Maruti!

Vanaaree Anjaneesutaa Raamaduta Prabhanjana!!

By chanting these verses daily, one can acquire unsurpassed strength and intellect.

Ramadas thought of settling in Chaphal village on the banks of the river Mand situated amidst sylvan surroundings. He requested the villagers for a piece of land to build a temple of Prabhu Ramachandra.

Their rough answer was: "Go away and build the temple in the burial-ground on the outskirts of the village."

"Very good", said Ramadas. He made up his mind to build a beautiful temple in the burial-ground itself. For one who was dreaming of creating a heaven out of ruins,
building a temple in a burial-ground would hardly present a problem!

The work of construction began and in a few days the temple was ready. In the depths of Krishna River he searched for the stone image of Prabhu Ramachandra and installed it in the temple.

Near by at Pratapgadh Shivaji Maharaja had his palace. This news reached him, He went to Chaphal, met Ramadas and offered his deepest respect. He provided Ramadas all the assistance needed for the construction of the temple.

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