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Same Shivaji

Shivaji was growing strong day by day. The area under his control was extending. It gave Ramadas great joy.

Ramadas learnt that Afzal Khan, trusted lieutenant of King Adil Shah, was marching southwards with the challenge that he would bring back Shivaji either dead or alive. He also learnt that Afzal Khan, on the way, had destroyed many holy places like Tulajapur and Pandharapur. Afzal Khan was about to attack Shivaji with a strong force. Like death personified, Afzal Khan waited at the gates, eager to finish off Shivaji.

It worried Ramadas greatly. Day in and day out he thought over it. How would Shivaji safely escape from this mortal danger? He prayed to goddess Tulaja Bhavani.

"None but you could save my Shivaji from the savage enemy. I should have the fortune to see Shivaji safe after routing the enemy." That was the incessant prayer Ramadas fervently offered to goddess Tulaja Bhavani.

Afzal Khan had come to kill Shivaji but it was he who was killed by Shivaji. With the death of Afzal Khan the throne of Adil Shah began to shake. Shivaji's might, name and fame spread far and wide.

Ramadas were immensely happy at the turn of events. He blessed Shivaji with all his heart.

In humility Shivaji told Ramadas that the vast kingdom he had acquired was on account of the guidance, good wishes and the blessings of godly men like him. "I place all this at your feet" he offered.

Overjoyed by these words, Ramadas said: "Shivaraya, what use is this wealth and kingdom to me? Do not think your task is over with this. It has to be further extended. Ananda-Vana-Bhuvana (Heaven on Earth) is to be established. Success is surely yours. May God Almighty ever stand by you."

Shivaji prostrated before Ramadas.

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 None but you could save Shivaji from the savage enemy
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