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King Uttanapada

In ancient times, a king used to have many wives. This was a common practice. But often the wives were not friendly towards one another. Disputes arose as to who should be given a higher place and enjoy greater pomp, and whose son should be the future king.

Once upon a time there was an emperor, by name Uttanapada. He had two queens. Suniti was his first wife and the Chief Queen. Suruchi was the younger wife. But yet the King loved Suruchi more. Her word was law to him. She had no patience. She would grow angry in no time. Her own happiness and glory were important to her. Yet the king loved her. Whatever she said he accepted;he never considered whether it was right or wrong.Even when he clearly saw that she was wrong, he was not bold enough to say so.

But Suniti was of a gentle nature. She would first 'consider what was right and what was wrong and then she would choose the right course. She was patient by nature. She was helpless before Suruchi's arrogance. The status of the Chief Queen justly due to Suniti wasgiven to Suruchi. As the King was a puppet in Suruchi's hands, she exercised greater
authority in the affairs of the state.

Suniti had a son, Dhruva by name. Suruchi also had only one son, by name Uttama

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