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Each A Comfort to the other

In spite of such sufferings Suniti was true to her name ; 'Suniti' means one who is virtuous. She uttered not a word of complaint against her husband, nor would she blame Suruchi. She always wished them well. She accepted whatever fell to her lot. Submitting everything to God, she was silent. Her only treasure was Dhruva. Every day she would call him to her and teach him the holy stories of saintly persons.Thus she would forget hersorrow. She spent her days praying for the pros- perity of Dhruva who was her only solace.

Dhruva had great love for his mother; he was devoted to God and he respected elders. Though young, he had pleasing manners. Under the guidance of the mother, he had developed great devotion to God; and it grew every day. Sometimes he thought, 'My father is a king; but why do my mother and I not reside in the palace? Why does my father not come to our house at al l? ’ Again and again he questioned his mother. She managed to
console him somehow and then grew silent.

Every child wishes that his father and his mother should treat him with love. Is this not so? Dhruva's mother fondled him, told him stories and dressed him with great affection. But he was denied the father's love. This pricked his mind.

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