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" Let me go to the Forest and See God"

Suniti smiled at the words of the child, but she also felt pity. She said, "My darling, there is no place where God is notpresent. In different forms, He pervades all places. He is present in all men. He is in the good and in the evil, in joy and in sorrow. But it is not easy to see God. He will be pleased with the devotion of a pure mind. My child, you should have a firm mind, absolute 'devotion and perfect faith."

"But mother, you have often told me that sages and ascetics go to the forest to see God. Is he present there, too?'

"Yes, my darling. He is everywhere. But, Dhruva, to perform tapas in a forest is not an easy task. The forest is full of wild animals like tigers and lions. There are poisonous creatures like serpents and scorpions. Whatever roots and fruits are found is all the food. One has to put upwith everything like the rain, the winds, cold and heat. A little boy like you cannot do all this, my love" Suniti said.

A firm decision shone in the innocent face of Dhruva as he heard these words.

"Mother, I will go to the forest and see God. I will please Him with my devotion and secure boons. Bless me that I may succeed." With these words, he respect- fully touched her feet.

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