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King Uttanapada learnt that Dhruva had fulfilled his oath and was returning to the
kingdom. His anxiety ended, he was supremely happy. Accompanied by his ministers and the elders of his state, the King went forth to greet Dhruva with auspicious music. As soon as he saw Dhruva, he affectionately embraced him. Then Dhruva respectfully fell at the feet of his stepmother Suruchi. Overjoyed, she lifted him up and blessed him. His mother
Suniti's joy knew no bounds. Sorrow mixed with joy made her speechless. She held him tight to her heart. Then at Uttanapada's command Dhruva was seated on a royal elephant and the procession moved towards the city. The enthusiastic citizens had decorated the city with archesbunches of flowers and pearls. Every house was brightly illuminated. Women stood on both sides of the road, holding plates of flowers and fruits. Honored by all citizens, Dhruva received their blessings and reached the city.

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