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The City of the Yalkshas in Ruins

Once Uttama went out hunting. When he was roaming about the forest, a powerful Yaksha killed him. His mother Suruchi was troubled in mind that he did not return. She went to the forest in search of him. The Yaksha caused a wild fire in the forest and Suruchi perished in the fire. Dhruva got the news that his loving brother and his step- mother were killed by the Yaksha. He was filled with grief. At the same time he was angry. He made preparations to fight. With the Yakshas.

Dhruva invaded Alakapuri, the city of the Yakshas. He began to strike them down. Dhruva rained arrows on the Yakshas and they fell down like dry leaves in a storm. They used their supernatural powers. It grew dark. A terrible storm arose.Serpents and lions chased Dhruva. He grew angry. From his quiver, he took the arrow named after Lord Narayana and shot it. All the Yakshas, their wives and children were killed. The city of Alakapuri became a graveyard.

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