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The Pole Star

Dhruva returned to his capital. He ruled his kingdom, always helping those in need; his
heart was ever with God. He considered the people's happiness his happiness and was a just ruler. The auspicious image of the Lord was ever in his heart and before his eyes. Whatever he did, he did in the name of the Lord.

Dhruva became old. He entrusted his son with care of his kingdom. Going to the holy
Badarikashrama, he forgot the world in praying to the lord. And one day he departed from this world.

According to the boon granted in his boyhood by Lord Narayana, Dhruva became as it were, the crowning of the entire galaxy of stars. Also he became the lord of stars. Also he became the lord of the world of Dhruva. To this day when Indians see the Pole Star they remember Dhruva, the devotee of perfect purity of mind. His fame is deathless.

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Grant that the auspicious form of Lord Narayan may ever shine in my heart
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