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"I Shall Surely See God"

But the mind of the innocent Dhruva was distrubed. He was determined to see God,
whatever the difficulties he had to face. He had resolved to place his sorrows and
sufferings and those of his mother before God and put an end to them. He rose from his mother's lap.

Mother,I cannot delay any longer.Whatever may happen,whatever hardships I may encounter, I will see God. Do not be anxious till I come back. The sages have seen God; will He not appear to me? Send me with your blessings,' so saying, he again touched her feet.

Suniti heard the words of her son. "You were not born as my son. Do you deserve the throne?' - these words of Suruchi to Dhruva she remembered. She too felt that the way he had chosen was the only way left for them to wipe out the insult. She said, "My love, what your step-mother said is true. Your father is ashamed even to admit that I am his wife. Then,how can you, my son, become the king? It is useless to blame Suruchi. The only right thing to do is for you to worship God. Pray to Him with single-minded devotion. May you succeed!"

Dhruva bowed to his mother. She took him in her arms and fondled him, and blessed him.The little boy, barely five years old, went to the forest determined to see God.

Dhruva had only one goal before him, and that was to see God. He walked on, unmindful of the stones and the thorns in his path, and of the Lips and downs; he had no thought of hunger,thirst and fatigue. The name of the Lord was ever on his lips. His mind was filled with the nectar of the Lord's name.

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