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But, though young, Dhruva did not relish these words. 'Great Sir, I belong to the warrior caste. Your advice cannot alter my decision. I came here to see God. Show me the way and bless me. My mother has told me that He is visible to the sages doing tapas in forests. According to her, God will look after the person who loves Him. Now I do not seek the throne. I want a position which none of our elders has so far obtained. When I see the Lord, that is what I will beg of Him. Show me the way, Sir," he said to the sage and bowed down
and touched his feet. The little boy's courage and confidence pleased Narada. He said,'Look, my child, do you remember what your mother told you?That is valuable advice. Forget everything else and pray to God.There is a place by name Madhuvana on the banks of the Yamuna. Go there. Bathe in the river. Think of God with a pura mind. Have His image fixed in your mind. His face is lovely and innocent like that of a sweet child. His face is radiant. His lips are ever smiling. His is an enchanting figure, shedding light all around . Have that image fixed in your  mind. ' Make that image the center of your thoughts, and pray. Control your mind so that it may not turnelsewhere. The Lord will be pleased with truedevotion. May you prosper!' The sage then taught him the sacred words of prayer to Vasu- deva (Narayana). He also blessed the boy.

The venerable sage had initiated and blessed him. So Dhruva's heart was 'filled with joy. He forgot all fatigue. Elated at the joyful thought of seeing God, he bowed down to Narada's feet and set out to Madhuvana.

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