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Poor boy! He was confounded. He looked at his father, who did not even glance at the boy. Dhruva could not bear the sorrow. He was angry, too,like a wounded serpent. He felt deeply insulted. His father had not spoken a word to him, and had remained quiet when he was insulted. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Leaving his father, he went down the steps of the throne.

A servant had watched what hadhappened and saw the sobbing boy. She felt sorry for him. She came forward to lift him up. But Dhruva escaped and ran away. The servant followed him.

Even as Suniti saw her son at a distance she felt as if the skies had come down on her. Dhruva had always been full of laughter. But here he was, coming home sobbing. Suniti ran to the child hugged him and lifted him up. She kissed him and tried to console him. But he was still sobbing. He could not speak.

A servant had followed Dhruva, hadn't she? Suniti asked her, "Why is the child weeping? Do you know? "

The servant narrated the incident.

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