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"Enough if I Am Your Devotee"

Dhruva praised God with all joy and gratitude. "Lord, I cannot describe your greatness. You are a fountain of bounty. You are everywhere in creation. Even the wisest of men cannot understand you. What, then, of me, a mere child! As a cow protects her new-born calf, you must protect me," he prayed.

Dhruva had only one desire before going to the forest; and that was to see God. But on seeing him, the boy did not know what to pray for. He said, "Lord, I performed tapas in order to see you. What can I seek after seeing you? I am young. I do not know how to worship you and honor you. I ask for nothing. Only grant me the highest of all positions - that of Your devotee."

The boy's words brought great joy to the Lord. Embracing him again, the Lord said, "Child, all your desires will be fulfilled. Go back to your kingdom now; at the right age become the king and rule with righteous- ness. See your image in each of your subjects; share their ambitions, honor, prestige, joy and sorrow. Rule your king- dom righteously. Then enter the world of stars and adorn the highest position which none has secured so far." So blessing
the boy, God vanished.

After God disappeared, Dhruva grieved like a fish out of water. 'Did I conduct myself properly before the Lord? Was there any lapse on my part? I do not know. I did not achieve the goal of merging in Him; alas, once again I am to be caught up in the affairs of this world!' He was un- happy. He said to himself, 'I should have begged of the Lord to make me a part of Himself. Instead I asked for something trivial! I am like a man who begs the   emperor for a handful of rice!' So he was displeased with himself for a while. But had not the Lord himself asked him to go back and rule the kingdom? Now once again Dhruva's mind turned to his mother. He set forth for his kingdom. He was troubled fearing that separation from himmight have made his mother unhappy.  But he had seen God and the experience had brought him a new vigor, a new delight and a new splendor.

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