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"Dhruva Arise!"

Dhruva did not move from his seat. Reciting the divine name of Lord Vasu- deva,he fixed the divine, auspicious image of the Lord in his heart. Without food, with out caring for heat and cold, and not even conscious of the world around him,he went on reciting the divine hymn only. One day passed, two days passed; a month went by. Dhruva's tapas grew more rigorous. He dedicated himself to the merciful image of the Lord fixed in his mind. Months passed. In the beginning, he used to eat whatever fruits he could get. Gradually all thought  of food disappeared. Both his mind and his body were absorbed in praying to God. Because of his rigorous tapas, a divine light shone round him. Terrified by it, the wild animals of the forest fled from him. The flame of Dhruva's tapas began to burn the three worlds.

Lord Narayana was pleased with Dhruva's devotion and his determination. He appeared before Dhruva in his divine radiance. A conch shone in one hand, a discus in the second and a mace in the third. Placing His divine hand on Dhruva's head, the Lord said, "Dhruva, arise. I am pleased with your devotion." Dhruva opened his eyes. He saw before him the  Lord whose auspicious image he had fixed in his heart. He had left behind him his loving mother and his kingdom, and had gone without food, all because he yearned to see God. Now, that All-Merciful Lord stood before him smiling.

Dhruva was thrilled. Wonder and joy made him speechless. He prostrated before the   lotus-like feet of the Lord. Then he gazed on the divine, auspicious figure, as if he would contain the - Lord in his eyes. He was eager to speak to God and praise Him. But joy had sealed his lips. The Lord affectionately touched his cheeks. That divine touch enabled him to speak.

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