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"Grant Only This - "

Dhruva belonged to the dynasty of Manu. His grandfather Swayambhuva Manu saw that the Yakshas were being killed need lessly. His heart melted. Accompanied by many great sages, he went to Dhruva. He taught him the path of wisdom. Dhruva bowed to his grandfather.

Swayambhuva Manu said, "Dhruva, you are killing the innocent people for the wrong committed by some one. Get rid of anger; for anger is the root of all troubles. Ignorance leads to anger. You are a wise man; how could you become involved in this highly sinful act? One devoted to God will never be angry and act rashly. You are a holy man, for you have seen Lord Narayana you must not do such a cruel act. It is your duty to have patience with those who do wrong. You should be patient with criminals. Pity those in sorrow and be
friendly towards all creatures. Don't you know that the Lord is present in all living beings? You have now killed the Yakshas and thus hurt Kubera's feelings. The Yakshas are the followers of Kubera. Now go to Kubera, be respectful and win his favor."

The advice of his grandfather Swayam- bhuva Manu brought down Dhruva's anger. He stopped fighting. This news pleased Kubera very much. Accompanied by his people, he himself went to see Dhruva. Seeing Kubera, Dhruva bowed down respectfully to him and sought his bless- ings. Kubera ' was pleased with Dhruva's modesty. He said, "My boy Dhruva, I am pleased with your goodness. I am not at all displeased with you for killing the Yakshas. You did not disobey your grandfather Swayambhuva Manu. You curbed your  anger and ended the fighting. I am therefore pleased. Every being born in this creation must die one day or the other. So do not grieve over the death of yourbrother and your stepmother; and do not be angry. Ask for whatever you wish. I will gladly Grant the boons."

But Dhruva did not wish to ask for anything. He had worshipped Lord Narayana even in
his childhood and had secured His grace what could he desire in his old age? Hearing Kubera's words, Dhruva humbly said, "Master, I do not seek any kind of pleasure now. Just grant me this boon - that the auspicious form of Lord Narayana may ever shine in my heart." So saying he bowed to Kubera. Kubera was much pleased with his devotion to God. He said, "So be it!," and vanished.

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