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"All Is God's Will"

Suniti could not bear the anguish of her heart on hearing the servant's story the insult done to Dhruva by Suruchi, her words and her keeping him at a distance as though he had no right even toapproach his own father. Sorrow welled up in her. For a while she could not even speak. She sat silent. The selfish Suruchi had insulted Dhruva who was the real heir to the throne Suniti felt sad. Poor boy! Dhruva was an innocent child. Why should Suruchi have ill-treated him?Suniti thought,'I should have enjoyed the status of the Chief Queen. When I myself live the life of a commoner, should Suruchi take revenge upon my child?' ;

Shedding tears, Suniti consoled the child. She said: "My darling, no doubt you are a prince but you are not fortunate enough to enjoy the position of a prince. When God takes pity on us, our condition will improve. I am an unfortunate woman; and because you are my child, you were subjected to suffering. Everything happens according to God's will. We can only surrender ourselves to Him and beg Him to save us from difficulties. That is all. Who else will help us? Take comfort. All is God's will."

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