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In The Forest

Walking without rest, Dhruva entered a thick forest. He walked on, struggling to find a path. Stones and thrones hurt his tender feet. All day long the boy walked on. He was hungry and thirsty. He was very tired. Darkness was descending. The forest was full of terrifying sounds. Ele- phants trumpeted, lions and tigers roared. But Dhruva was not conscious of them at all. H e was chanting the sacred words, 'Obeisance to Lord Narayana'. The words were his sole protection. It grew dark. He could not find his way in that thick forest. Unable to do anything and utterly ex- hausted, he collapsed under a tree. But the lips still uttered the name of the Lord. The tiny boy, exhausted by thewanderings, soon fell asleep.

The night passed.Day dawned.The chirp- ing birds came out of their nests. Little animals, which crept out of their holes, noticed the child asleep on dry leaves. The deer timidly and cautiously approa- ched Dhruva and smelt him. One creature attracted another, and soon a number of birds and animals gathered there and surrounded the boy. The noise woke him up.He opened his eyes and lookedaround. He saw it was morning and stood up. The birds and animals were all frightened and ran away in different directions.

Only the words. 'Obeisance to Lord Narayana' came from the lips of Dhruva. He was quite certain he would see the Lord.

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