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"Now Go Back"

Dhruva narrated everything in detail - how his stepmother had insulted him, how his father had ignored him and how his mother had advised him. Embracing Dhruva, Narada said, "Dear child, your parents are really fortunate. I am filled with joy at your determination to see God. But child, it is not so easy to see the Lord Sages have performed tapas in several lives and yet have not seen the Lord. If you give up your food and wander in a forest, you cannot see Him. Today you yearn to see God because a great sorrow has bewildered you. But only a man who can treat both joys and sorrows equally can see God. Hurt by your stepmother's words, you now seek God to get relief. But he who wishes to see the Lord should give up desire and anger. The desire for this thing or that must leave you. Look! You came here because your stepmother insulted you, didn't you? You were angry at her words. If you were wise, you should have remained calm, whatever your stepmother might have said. Without peace and calm of mind, how can you see God? If you gain experience of worldly life and attain maturity of mind, you can see Him. Now go back. Live like the others. Experience joys and sorrows. When you grow old, come to the forest and perform tapas; then you will see God."

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