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"Revered Sir, Guide Me"

Dhruva had comb with the yearning to see god. He got up in a hurry, and began his journey. Wandering in the wild forest full of stones and thorns, his tender little feet were already bleeding. He could hardly take a step.

Just then the great sage Narada un- expectedly appeared there. Narada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu (Narayana). He visited the three worlds. Dhruva was filled with joy at the sight of the holy sage with cymbals and the 'tamboora' in his hands, who was singing the glory of the Lord. He bowed down and touched Narada's feet.

By intuition, the sage had understood everything about Dhruva. He raised the boy. Dhruva said, "Sir, I must see God. That is why I have come here. You are a holy man. Show me the way."

Stroking his back, Narada said with affection, "My child, you are a very small boy. In your mad desire to see God, you have come to this thick forest and exposed yourself to danger. What a difficult task you have undertaken!" The touch of Narada's hands infused a new  spirit in Dhruva.

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