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Foreign Invasions

About 900 years ago, in the eleventh century A.D., India had to face a great danger. People of other countries attacked India. Three hundred years earlier, Islam had been founded in Arabia and had grown fast. People belonging to that faith entered India through the valleys in the Northwest. They wanted to spread Islam. Also they wanted to conquer this country and loot its wealth.

Ghazni Mohammed was the first to invade this country to achieve these aims, and
Mohammed Ghori and others followed him.

Northern India was first attacked in the eleventh century. A large part of it fell into the hands of the Muslim invaders. They began to spread their faith in that region. Their attention turned towards the South by about the thirteenth century. In his 'Discovery of India', Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has written, "These repeated incursions... brought Islam, for the first time, to the accompaniment of ruthless military conquest... The new approach produced powerful psychologicalreactions among the people and filled them with bitterness."

The Sultans of Delhi invaded the South and conquered most of the state there.

Even against such terrible disaster, the brave people of the Hoysala Empire stood firm; they did not lose their own freedom. Dorasamudra was their capital. Kampilaraya was then the chief of Kammitadurga in the Tungabhadra region; he was subordinate to the Emperor. He fought with admirable courage against the repeated attacks of the Sultan of Delhi and finally laid down his own life in the service of his country.

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