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The Valiant Family

Several of the provincial chieftains stood shoulder to shoulder with Veera Ballala and helped him in his work; the most famous of them were the brave Sangama and his sons.

Sangama was ruling over a portion of the land round about Hampi on the banks of the Tungabhadra. He had five sons named Harihara, Kampana, Bukkaraya, Marappa and Muddappa. Like their father, all of them loved their country, were brave and were devoted to their duty. The first three came to rank among the most important rulers under Veera Ballala by their merit,
bravery and spirit of national service.

The eldest, Harihara, earned the confidence of Veera Ballala and was appointed a 'Mahamandaleshwara, (the chief of several smaller rulers) in the northern part of the Hoysala Empire.

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