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The period of Hakka and Bukka (1336-1377) is a very important one in the history of South India. Before them the Hindus were in great trouble because of their disunity. The Sultans of Delhi and Bahamani kingdoms were always trying to conquer the Hindu kingdoms. It was in such circumstances that these brothers brought the Hindus together. They respected all sects and groups and taught them how to live in co- operation and 
peace. They also encouraged learned men to write books so that people could 
understand religious texts more easily.

Hampi, the divine abode of Lord Virupaksha, became the capital of Harihara's New Kingdom; it grew in wealth and prosperity during the reign of Bukkaraya and later blossomed into a great city that enchanted tourists from different parts of the world.

Gangadevi, the poetess of the age and the daughter-in-law of Bukkaraya, has in her 
'Madura Vijayam' described Hakka and Bukka as two wise and brave men who created a new nation, a new religion and a new society. The description is without doubt apt and richly deserved.

It is said that winning peace i difficult as winning a war.

True, it is difficult to win a war. It requires a powerful army. Food and arms have to be 
regularly supplied for the soldiers. The soldiers have to be sincere and faithful. The general has to be clever and wise. He must have the capacity to take quick decisions and give clear and exact orders to his army. He should also be an expert in the science of warfare. But it is even more difficult to administer the country, after the war is won, in such a way that the people live in peace, prosperity and happiness. An efficient army is to be maintained to prevent It-he enemies from attacking the land. Efficient off icers has to be chosen to carry on the government. They should be kept under strict control so that they do not become too powerful and cruel towards the people. Care must be taken to see that the majority does not ill-treat the minority, that the rich do not make the poor work and suffer, and that the powerful do not trouble the powerless. Injustice to any section of the society has to be prevented.

Hakka and Bukka were patriots who won both war and peace. Acquiring the blessing of Dharma for their powers of brain and brawn, they created a new and great age in the history of South India. 

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