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Freedom to Live And Learn

Under the Sultans of Bahamani and Delhi, the people could not worship their own Gods. Hakka and Bukka brought them the freedom to do so. Still, not many of them could read or understand their religious texts. The two brothers therefore made it possible for the learned in every religion to explain their religions to the masses. Sri Vidyaranya wrote 'Vedartha Prakashika' for those who could not read and understand the Vedas in the original. Efforts were made to collect and publish Veerasaiva literature and 'Vachanas'. (The 'Vachana' is a form of literature in Kannada. The great Veerasaiva teachers put their teachings into short passages; these are in prose. They are very close to the spoken language; they are in a clear and powerful style, and contain vivid pictures.) Hakka and Bukka respected all religions equally. So Jain authors and writers could also freely write books on their religion. Hakka and Bukka were patrons of learning and literature. They were as interested in culture as in war. The age of these kings was a remarkable age; the king, the religious teacher, the scholar and the poet all respected one another; they worked together for the good of the people. Any country should be proud of such an age and such men.

After a successful rule of twenty- one years, Bukkaraya passed away in 1377. His son, Harihara the Second, succeeded him.

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