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Harihara the Brave (1336 - 1356)

In 1336, Harihara was crowned the King of Vijayanagar. Bukkaraya became its Crown

But Veera Ballala's goal had not yet been reached. Hakka and Bukka had still much to achieve with their courage and strength. The Delhi Sultan's forces were still strong in several regions of Andhra Pradesh.

After crowning Harihara. The King of Vijayanagar, Veera Ballala returned to Madurai. The Sultan's officers in that region were giving much trouble to the people. There was no one to check them. They behaved as if they were independent kings. They looted the people's money. Veera Ballala had made up his mind to put an end to all this. He was building up an army for this purpose.

In the north Harihara and Bukkaraya were left to perform a similar task. The Sultan's
forces were still strong in the north of the Tungabhadra and some important places in Andhra Pradesh. They knew very well that it was necessary for the freedom of the country to destroy the military camps of the Sultan's forces and drive them away from the south. They started collecting men and money. They tried to get popular support for this purpose. What remained of the Hoysala treasury was of use to them.

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Harihara was crowned the King of Vijayanagar
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