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The Sultan Tastes Defeat

The officers of the Sultan of Delhi had occupied Kammitadurga. They had set up camps on the borders and were giving much trouble to the people round about. These people had become disgusted and angry about this misrule and were prepared to rise in rebellion against the Sultan. But they were helpless; they had no leaders. According to the suggestion of Veera Ballala, Harihara and Bukkaraya assumed their leadership. They began the fight for freedom. Vidyaranya, the great saint of South India, blessed them and encouraged them.Harihara and Bukkaraya. Collected number of enthusiastic youths and gave them military training. They also collected large quantities of arms. Within a short time, they got ready quite a big army. Capable of fighting the enemies. This army attacked the enemy camps. The Sultan's officers had thought that the Hindus, always quarreling among them selves, would never unite. Therefore they were taken by surprise by these attacks. They were defeated and had to run away.

At this time, Veera Ballala had 'gone to Madurai to recapture it from the Sultan's forces who were holding it. He felt extremely happy to hear of the success that his generals had gained in the north. He returned to Tungabhadra and declared Harihara the Mahamandaleshwara of the region, according to the wishes of the local leaders. Bukkaraya was appointed the Crown Prince. Hampi, on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra, became the capital of this New Kingdom. This happened in 1336.

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