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This is a Leader!

A king must have certain qualities if his subjects are to love and respect him. He must have a strong will to complete a task undertaken, whatever the obstacles. He must be able to foresee the results of every step he takes. A capacity to plan his work is one of the most essential qualities of a good leader. He should also know how to deal with his enemies and how to earn the friendship of other kings.

Hakka and Bukka had all these qualities. Their brothers Kampana, Marappa and
Muddappa offered them all co-operation. More than all, the five brothers had fully
developed in themselves a capacity to plan their action together and carry out their plans with efficiency. As a result, a fully equipped army, capable of facing the enemy with confidence, was soon ready.

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Hakka-Bukka - Great Kings who ruled famous Kingdom of Vijayanagar
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You are Here! This Is A Leader !
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