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The Fight for Freedom

In this way, South India was in great trouble. Just then appeared a great and ideal king. His name was Veera Ballala. He was the last of the kings of the Hoysala Dynasty. He fought very bravely for the protection of his country and religion. Finally he had even to lose his own kingdom. Under him there was a ruler named Sangama, ruling over a portion of the empire. He had his sons, Hakka and Bukka, threw themselves heart and soul into the fight for freedom under the leadership of Veera Ballala.

The task undertaken by Veera Ballala was a very hard one. Very powerful enemies had surrounded his empire. They had set up their military stations in important cities of the empire. The officers of the Sultan were in complete control of these cities. They had to be defeated and made incapable of helping one another. It was absolutely necessary that the people and their leaders should unite to achieve this goal. But unfortunately there was no unity among the Hindu kings. Veera Ballala had to awaken in them a pride for their own land and Dharma. They had small differences and personal Ambitions. Veera Bailala had to make them forget all these and face the enemies together.

Veera Ballala made his moves very carefully and cleverly. He approached the kings and officers under his command with great affection. Because of such an approach, they all became prepared to work harder and accept greater responsibilities.

Veera Ballala wanted to meet the kings of other states and get their help. But he did not want to do it openly. It he had done so, his enemies would have become suspicious. Therefore he said that he was going to visit holy places. During his tour, he met all the leaders; he made them understand the danger to their freedom and religion. His efforts were successful.

They all decided to unite and face the common enemy.

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