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Madurai Recaptured

As soon as the army was ready, Bukkaraya entrusted his second son, Kampana, with the task of capturing Madurai. Kampana was young but brave; he was determined to finish any task he undertook. He was an expert in the science of warfare. When Bukkaraya was engaged in driving the foreigners out of his kingdom, Kampana had fought by his side. He was also well trained in the art of ruling. He had, in addition, the wisdom to bring round to his own side the defeated enemies and make them faithful supporters of the Empire.

Tondaimandalam was a kingdom to the east of Vijayanagar. The Bahamani kings had an eye on it. The ruler of this kingdom was one Champaraya. Bukka had offered his hand of friendship to him but Champaraya had not cared for him. So the Sultans of Bahamani were planning to attack Tondaimandalam. Bukka saw that, if Tondaimandalam fell into the hands of the Sultan, his Vijayanagar would be in danger. So Kampana's army marched against Champaraya. Champaraya was defeated; the chieftains under him wanted to come to terms with Kampana. But Champaraya himself was stubborn. He took shelter in a fort known as Rajagambhira. Kampana had no choice; he had 'to attack Rajagambhira. Champaraya died in the battle. So Kampana was able to bring Tondai- mandalam under the Vijayanagar King. By that time, he had received sad news. All worship had stopped in the sacred places of the south like Chidambaram, Srirangam and Madurai. Once, thousands of pilgrims used to go to these holy places. But now the sacred images were no longer there. The Sultan's officers were responsible for it. The local people, afraid of these foreigners, had shifted the idols from the temples to safer places. Kampana could not bear the news. He laid siege to Madurai. The Sultan's general died on the battlefield. Madurai became free. Srirangam also became free, thanks to Kampana.

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